Expeditions and Adventure Holidays To Inspire

“A Journey of 1000 Miles starts with a single step”,  Lao-Tzu

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Challenges

Will you take the first step to becoming Extraordinary?



Expeditions and 1000 Mile Journeys are part of Splash White Water Rafting . We are based in Perthshire Scotland. Also Marrakech Morocco. We create unique expeditions and adventure holidays. These take place in stunning wild environments.  These Expeditions appeal to those who want to experience something challenging and unique. You will also like the company  of interesting people. Due to the duration of our expeditions, we only run a few each year. We also create bespoke, tailor made expeditions for small groups and media and film crews.

Our signature expeditions are long 1000 Mile Journeys. These can be on foot or by bike. The Gobi Desert Challenge of crossing 1200 miles of Mongolia on foot was where it all began. We go back to attempt another Gobi Desert crossing in 2016. We aim to cross 1200 miles of desert in fifty days. In 2017 we will attempt a 1000 Mile Patagonia Expedition  and during 2018 a 100 day 1200 mile crossing of Nepal on The Great Himalaya Trail . A unique expedition, but not as physically difficult, is the Source to Sea River Ganges Expedition. We will start by a trek to the source of the Ganges. This will be followed by several days of white water rafting. On reaching the plains of India we will use a range of different boats. The Bay of Bengal is our eventual destination.

Expeditions for photographers and film makers include. Unique access to restricted areas of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Snow Leopards and Gobi Bears are located in these areas. The Gobi Bear is one of the rarest animals on earth!

We also run short tours in Scotland. This allows potential fellow travellers to meet us. Also to discuss the longer expeditions and adventure journeys. All guests who join us on a overseas expedition get the added value of a years free membership of Splash Scotland. This is our multi-activity adventure community in stunning Highland Perthshire. If you have read this far we know you are dreaming of doing something different! The only question is will you take the first step?