Expedition Photography

Expedition Photography and Video of expeditions and journeys. We also have over 250 thousand images of our happy adventure seeking guests in our professional expedition photography gallery These photos have been taken the following countries and regions. Scotland, Morocco, Patagonia, Namibia, Mongolia, India, Ladakh, Jordan, Chile, Argentina, Spain and many more. We have some unique Wildlife Photography Expeditions happening soon to Ladakh for the elusive Snow Leopard. Also Java for the extremely endangered Java Rhino and last but not least we have just recent gained permissions to enter the restricted areas of the Gobi Desert to photography the most rare bear in the World one of the most endangered animals in the World the Gobi Bear.

As well as Expedition leaders and guides we are all very keen amateur photographers but alas we are not pro photographers. However, what we can do is get other keen photographers both Professionals and keen amateurs into locations around the World that will enable you to get some of the best landscape and wildlife shots that you can dream off.


With regards wildlife we have access to remote Scottish islands teaming with birdlife. Exclusive access to restricted areas of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to photography and film not just the elusive Snow Leopard but also one of the rarest animals on earth the Gobi Bear.

In winter season in the high mountains of Ladakh during mating season their is a very high chance of getting the Snow Leopard shot of your dreams.