1000 Mile Journeys and expeditions are unique and bespoke therefore the cost varies massively depending on location, environments, support required, safety, number of inspired individuals taking part, equipment and many more logistical requirements to make these unique journeys happen. As a guide this is what is included and not included . However, as each journey or expedition starts to come together their will be extensive detail on exactly what is required. Full terms and conditions will also be sent with each journey before you sign up to be read and considered. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to How Much ?


  • One or two nights hotel accommodation at the launch destination at the beginning and end of the expedition.
  • A journey or expedition leader who has been selected to suit. On full 1000 Mile Journeys, their will also be a deputy expedition leader.
  • A locally based support crew/translator if required.
  • Any animals that are required to do heavy hauling.
  • Porters if required.
  • All food and drink from start to finish on the journey. Some expedition will be the team cooking others will have a support crew to provide.
  • All group technical equipment, communications assets and group first aid requirements.

Prior to a journey all those taking part will have full use of our luxury mountain lodge in Spain as a training base on a self-catering basis also use of this lodge to wind down afterwards if required. All those taken part will also have full use of our Scotland-based adventure activities included prior to departure and for a period of one year. (This applies to those taken part on our full 1000 Mile Journeys)

What Is Not Included

  • International and Local Flights
  • Visas ( we will send what you need to get but you have to action and pay)
  • Personal Equipment ( we will issue a detailed equipment list )
  • Voluntary departure from the journey or being asked to leave by the expedition leader.
  • Insurance suitable for the journey ( this is compulsory and we will give advice and makes suggestions on which insurance)
  • Spending money ( not that there will be many opportunities of spending on these journeys)
  • Any inoculations that are required

So what is the cost I hear you shout?

The costs will range between £50 and £150 per day per person depending on the actual journey or expedition. The time scales range between two weeks and three months for all those currently being put together. We only take small groups maximum is 16 the norm is between 6-12. We reduce the costs the larger the group. For example, 6 people to on our Gobi Desert crossing would be £5500 pp however for groups of 8-12 the costs reduce by over 20%

All these listed costs are TBC once enough people have expressed an interest

Mongolia 50-60 days £5000-£6500

India Ladakh 14-19 days £750-£1200

Morocco 7-14 days £450-900

Jordan 7-14 days £750-1200

Israel 14-35 days £1100-£3500

Scotland 7-14 days £500-£2500

Namibia 14-60 days £1500-£7000

Iran/Turkey 18-20 days £1200-£1500